Welcome to the RAvolution

We have an ethos that guides how we are, and we call it The RAvolution. It's a culmination of our value system - our mission statement. It represents an all-motivation no-pressure approach to fitness. It’s our culture here at RA-fit, and everybody embraces it.

We recognize each member as a unique individual, and we work with that to help you find your fit.

Just focus on you. Work with the goals we help you define. With the measurement criteria we set for you, you can rate yourself based on your own specific goals.


We try to make working out enjoyable, and to inspire members to feel their best while at it. It always leads to the best results.


We encourage you to motivate the person next to you when you can, because you’re not in competition with one another.


We’re all RA-Warriors, and we’re in this RAvolution together.

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